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  1. I have always loved and felt “At Home” while in the Oxford Saloon.It just has an aura about it, Very comforting. My wife and I have been coming here for years and have had more than one encounter with the Ghosts from our table moving on its own,banging on the wall, to constant “Touching” on my back shoulder while sitting at my table.My most recent above the normal experience happened just a couple months ago. While sitting at my table watching the band for the evening,my wife was sitting to my left facing the wall searching the web as she always does while listening to the band. While I was watching and listening to the great music I noticed out of the corner of my eye my wife looking up and looking in my direction several times. Finally she said to me,”I have got to tell you, I have been watching a ladies hand come out of the wall several times just to the left of your right shoulder. Not aggressive but just reaching” Wow, that was awesome I told her because that explains all of the touching of my back shoulder and no one ever being there. On this particular night the table was back from where it normally was and I had not felt any “touching” that night. I believe this ladies hand was my ghost who always touches me, and being I was not where I usually am she was feeling for me. I Love The Oxford Saloon…..

  2. We were sitting at the round table by the window and a shadow person came out of edge of the door that leads upstairs and darted along the wall and then behind a booth. We both saw it.

  3. My grandfather, Nels Petersen, was the owner of the Oxford Tavern from sometime in 1923/24 or so, until perhaps 1938. Some records show him as Nels Peterson. He is shown in the picture that I believe is still on the wall behind the bar. A fairly tall – erect – balding man. Grampa always smoked cigars.

    It was during the time that grampa Nels owned the Oxford, that Henry was stabbed. And by our family stories, grampa clearly remembered Henry being “kilt” there in the downstairs bar. Grampa sold the Oxford sometime around 1938-39…. and bought another tavern in Riverside, WA. Supposedly this was in part to escape the history of the stabbing and the finding of Amelia’s body.

    Nearly 40 years ago, a small group of our family — my mother, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, 2 cousins, and one of my daughters and her baby girl — all met in the Oxford for a GREAT lunch. Several of us smelled cigar smoke while we were eating lunch. We all did visit the downstairs bar, as well as the rooms upstairs; where you could still rent a room for the night.

    While we were there we decided to have a family picture taken at the end of the bar. The picture was taken with a 35mm camera. When the picture was developed, you could easily see the outline of a ghost (we think it was grampa, who nearly always wore a hat) standing behind us. The picture was also blurred on one edge with what we thought might be some other spirits or shadow figures. I will try to find that picture and send it to you. — gary